Everyone knows how important it is to eat a healthy sensible diet to promote good health, however the use of pesticides and preservatives within the food chain can have a detrimental affect on the nutritional value of foods or possibly upset the delicate digestive system.   Food sensitivities and digestive problems are now very common.

Using the Bio-Meridian Vantage Health Screening system I have been trained to analyse the findings and offer dietary advice and/or nutritional supplementation to help restore the balance to your system.   Please note that ensure that you get the best results I will only recommend good quality supplements as these are more cost-effective in the long run.

Whilst many people look for quick-fix diets this is something that I don’t offer.   My aim is to work with you to help restore your body to better health by providing recommendations for a sensible practical diet and in turn your weight will be better regulated.

Please note that I will not test anyone who is pregnant, is fitted with a pacemaker or who has been diagnosed with epilepsy.

Non-invasive food sensitivity testing is also available using the Bio-Meridian system and results are printed out and handed to you along with nutritional advice on how to help the digestive system recover.  

As a general rule of thumb children under the age of 10 may not be suitable for testing with this system so if you wish to have a child tested, please call and discuss this with me first.

To book your appointment, please call June on 01702 826 049