Bio-d-tox Foot Spa

The Bio-d-tox Foot Spa can help the body re-balance its bio-energetic fields and improve the natural state of good health since it is designed to eliminate toxins from the body.

The natural process of detoxification takes place through the colon; liver, kidneys, lymph and skin, but when the body becomes overloaded unwanted toxins stay in the tissues.

The Bio-d-tox system aids the process of detoxification.  Your feet are placed into a bowl of warm water and salt along with an array, a small piece of equipment that when switched on starts an electrolytic reaction through the 2000 pores in each foot and you are likely to experience a mild tingling sensation.

A course of 6 - 10 treatments, once a week is recommended to assist the body’s elimination of toxins with the result that once toxins are removed you are likely to feel an improvement in your general health.

To book your appointment, please call June on 01702 826 049