Reiki Master / Teachers Course (Shinpenden)

To undertake the Reiki Master/Teacher course you must have reached Reiki level 2, have been practising for a while, become familiar with the energies of Reiki and be ready to take your Reiki development another step further.

You will receive Reiki Master attunements that will significantly open up your energy levels even more than at Reiki Level 2.  You will notice that your healing energy increases and your Reiki treatments have a greater intensity.

The course involves pre-course study with a comprehensive course manual, two audio CD’s and a DVD.  Attendance is spread over two full days during which you will receive your Reiki Master attunements, work with intuition and the power of intent, learn how to use the kotodama, and how to give Reiki attunements and empowerments. 

If you have come from another lineage you may be required to study the first and second-degree manuals before taking the Reiki master course as you will need to be familiar with the methods used on levels one and two.

Upon completion of the course you will receive your Reiki Master certificate enabling you to attune others to Reiki.